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HR & Business Policies of Company

Updated: Sep 30, 2021

Every business is unique and so the HR and business policies of the companies should be. Every business has some unique features and challenges. Policies or the work products created by HR staff or business unit staff is the best starting point to address challenges up to desired granularity. Documents produced/created by HR department including but not limited to appointment letter, employee code of conducts etc. are mostly borrowed one. Whereas these documents should be drafted in keeping in mind business challenges.

What is ideal policy document.

Say what you do. Do what you say. That is simple but important objective of policy document is! Team should be governed by certain set of rules and procedures. These rules and procedure should directly address business challenges or criticality. The first task in hand should be to identify challenges. Example - nature of your business may require your employees not to be delinquent on duty time. All the HR rules, procedures should be drafted to ensure ease for employee for ontime reporting on duties. Else, employee entering company premises well in advance but spending substantial time to get through all the procedures of parking vehicle will not help. Every eco system is to be evaluated and corrected in order to get the envisioned results.

Other Business Policies

Beside HR policies, there are other business critical policies that should be taken into account. Revenue leakage is most of the time unnoticed and unattained. Due attention and diligence should be given to prevent revenue leakages.


Policy document should have assertive language. Dos and don't should not have scope of ambiguity. Escalation matrix whenever required should be clearly documented. Consequences of non-compliance should be documented with most appropriate action taken. Policy documents, code of conduct, SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) should be revisited regularly. The lesson learnt, result achieved earlier should be reviewed to set next level of goals. Finetuning of the set of documents based on artifacts recorded is necessary to bring a disciplined work culture in the organization.

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